"My LOGO was inspired by 3 key factors, factors that I always consider.
Who is the target market?  - who and what are we targeting.
The Lance  (identifying and targeting the market)
The creative solutions and ideas used to capture the interest of these markets!
The Knight  (the creative ideas and solutions evident in content, designs, logos, colours and illustration)
What media is best suited to capture the market.
The Horse  (carries the creativity to the viewer through the media eg. print, radio, TV, video, billboard etc.)
I love Apple Mac !
Client Comment

"When it comes to being an all rounder Roger fits the bill, from concept, design , copywriting retouching cartooning and illustration through to to final artwork and beyond Roger's exprience and advice has saved us a lot of money. His experience in all fields of the advertising design and the media industies, and even marketing has been a great find! We can always rely on Roger in order to get the job done creatively, fast and accurately" . 

Graham Baird  
Managing Director Harmony Timber Floors
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I (Roger Small) have been involved within the Advertising Design and Printing Industries for the past 32 years. My experience will save you money through good advice, getting it right first time and selective product sourcing. I cannot compete with cheap overseas design pricing. What you will get is :-

  • Peace of mind that your files are backed up and saved securely for future use on my cloud and back up drives. 
  • A clear understanding of your requirements.
  • A creative solution that you will be part of and be one that will work in the Australian market.
  • Advertising agency/Design studio services and creative input at half the price.
  • I am available 12 hours or more a day in Australia if need be via mobile phone, e mail, or on Skype.
  • With my experience I will guide you in order to get the best print and media pricing whether I manage this for you or I put you onto the best people for the job.
  • My focus is on honesty and transparency in business. 
  • I get the job done on time no matter what!
  • Your files will be supplied to the publications or to you correctly using correct colours, sizing etc. that is often overlooked by inexperienced designers. So you wont be hit with reprints and missed deadlines because of inexperience.
  • Personal one on one service with me from start to finish.

I am a qualified Graphic Designer. I am also capable in copywriting, illustration, cartooning, photography, Photoshop manipulation, tade show concepts and design through to the manufacture, final production and print. 

I have many loyal clients that I have built up over my 10 years as a Freelance graphic designer. I am passionate about the entire advertising, marketing, print and media industries. I have an excellent understanding of the Macintosh and the PC computer environments and the applications associated with these. I am familiar with all printing processes and have worked extensively within and with the printing industries. I have managed creative teams of designers, production staff and I have been involved in partnerships and run my own advertising agencies and printing businesses. I am now a full time "Freelance Creative" and who offers you my extensive understanding and experience within the industry in order for you to get the maximum EXPOSURE from your projects that we work together on, for your dollar. 

I am a dedicated and hard working and will always give more than 100% in order to make our relationship one that will last.